we have 2 big announcements to make.

No. 1

Stephane Leonard has a new exhibition!

Rien ne va plus
okazi gallery
november 20th 2015 - january 15th 2016
opening november 20th 2015 / 7pm
Türrschmidtstr. 18 / 10317 Berlin

No. 2

After over 12 years of publishing and selling little art books, CDs and CDRs, we decided to close the Shop.
Most items are close to being sold out and we are emptying the shelves now.
Every product that we ever published is now available for only 5 Euro!!!
Please go to the Shop to check what is still there.
This offer lasts until everything is gone from our storage.
Thank you for staying with us!


we would very much like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition NEID FRESSEN SEELE AUF by Stephane Leonard.

And these are the facts:
Stephane Leonard
okazi gallery
april 4th - may 15th 2014
opening april 4th 2014 / 7pm
Türrschmidtstr. 18 / 10317 Berlin

gallery hours:
wednesday 2-6pm and upon request: 030-70226615 /
Berlin Gallery Weekend: may 3rd and 4th, 2-6pm

websites: /

Happy 2014 everyone!

Have you seen our latest videos? Stephane Leonard directed a video for the fantastic band UNMAP, which you can watch here!
Both, Claudio and Stephane worked on the new video for the band Monochrome, which you can watch right here!

Stephane and Claudio collaborated on a new series of drawings/prints. You can find them on Stephane´s website right here.

Lots of things planned for 2014. More later.

Stephane Leonard had a solo exhibition in Berlin last summer. You can find pictures from the show right here!

naivsuper has produced 3 new music videos for the Hamburg based band Clarence+Napoleon. Check out > Breaking the Silence and 5 Seconds.
And another small Black/White video > Mother.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for coming out to the Double Solo Exhibition HOUSTON I AM THE PROBLEM by Stephane Leonard & Claudio Pogo!
Here are some photos of the opening night.
The catalog of this show is available at

SHINE our new publication by Stephane Leonard is now available from our online Shop!
This way to our > Shop!
More info > Here!

NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR - we will present our brandnew Book at the 2012 NY Art Book Fair!
You can find us at the PogoBooks table. More info > /

Stephane Leonard has directed a couple of small music videos.
Watch the clip 'Halfway Blind' by the wonderful band Rue Royale > Here!
and the clip 'Don´t Be So Hot' by the great Me And My Drummer > Here!
and the video 'd hermetik g' for Boris Hegenbart & David Grubbs > Here!

Our friend and partner in crime Georg Tiller is going to produce the new feature film 'LOVE SPASM' by legendary filmmaker Nick Zedd!
AND they need your help!
Please support them > Here! and LIKE them on Friendface > Here!

A new music video by Stephane Leonard for the band Me And My Drummer is online. You can watch it HERE!

Thanks to everyone who came and visited us at the book fair 'I NEVER READ' in Basel, Switzerland. It was a truely wonderful event >!

naivsuper music is happy to present you a brandnew 7" release from our partner label Happy Zloty > go check out Ansgar Wilken´s Teorema/Pasolini HERE!

naivsuper´s Stephane Leonard has directed a new music video for the band Me And My Drummer. You can watch it HERE!

Please check out the special Deals & Packages in our shop!

SUPER SPECIAL BOOK Packages!!! 3 BOOKs for 20 Euros > HERE or 5 BOOKs for 30 Euros > HERE.

SUPER SPECIAL CDR Package!!! 5 CDRs for only 20 Euros - more info HERE.

+ Stephane Leonard and the naivsuper Team made a new music video for the wonderful Einar Stray > watch it HERE or visit the info page HERE

Stephane Leonard, Martin Eichhorn and the naivsuper Team made a new music video for the fantastic band BODi BiLL! > watch it HERE or visit the info page HERE

We have 3 new great Books out!!! >>> Take a look at them right HERE!

THANK YOU so much for coming to our show at the General Public Artspace in Berlin!
And in case you missed it you can check out some photos right HERE.

We uploaded a few impressions from the groupshow "PogoBooks & naivsuper Book at Neonchocolate" > HERE

Stephane Leonard and the naivsuper Team have just finished a brand new music video for the great band BODi BiLL! > watch it HERE or visit the info page HERE

Book 008 > heed a wonderful book with collages by Virginia Echeverria is finally OUT and available in our little online Shop as well as through selected distributors.

Book 007 > LOVE experiments, drawings and designs by Stephane Leonard and Martin Eichhorn for the cover artwork of the 2010 ALARMA MAN | LOVE FOREVER record is out now!

The wonderful and superb publisher for little photography books and zines is now distributing naivsuper Book - please visit our good friends at

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