artist: Antoine Chessex
titel: st
cover art: Stephane Leonard
format: CDR
general: naivsuper NASU 013
music by Antoine Chessex
recorded at the Electronic Church in 2007
released by naivsuper
p + c naivsuper & Antoine Chessex
all rights reserved

1 = 03:06 // 2 = 10:37 // 3 = 06:06 // 4 = 06:52 // 5 = 6:33
full-length: 33:00

Saxophon recorded at the Electronic Church in 2007. No overdubs, no manipulations.

When we (naivsuper) met Antoine in november 2007 to record his saxophone drones we didnīt really know what to expect because Antoineīs drones are perfect in a live situation. We werenīt sure if we could capture the richness of his sound, his working with the accoustics of a room and the strange almost discomforting breathing noises he makes when circular breathing on a CD. We basically wanted to hear him moving in the room, we wanted to see with our ears.
For the recording we chose the Electronic Church in Berlin because we have seen him perform there earlier the same year and it was absolutely fantastic.

The day of the recording was an incredible cold day in Berlin and due to the fact that the Church has no heating we could see our breath and feel the unbelievable cold humidity of a groundfloor room that hasnīt been aired in some time crawling up our pants.
It took Antoine almost an hour to warm up the saxophone and to get a satisfying tone. When he was finally ready to record the first take he was already a little bit out of breath. After 5 minutes of circular breathing his nose and lung started to freeze. We then tried a few more times but after another hour we were all coughing and sneezing and the saxophone was frozen so that we decided to postpone this session.
When we listened to the material at home we discovered that there was almost everything we wanted. We recorded how Antoine is fighting the cold and the exhaustion. There is the room, the breathing and movement. There is sound - almost an evolution of sounds - they are born slowly, grow up and then slowly disappear or extinguish.
We highly recommend you to listen with headphones. A follow up to this great document is planned, too.


Vital Weekly #622

Saxophone player Antoine Chessex has been reviewed here with some pretty strong improvised playing recorded in a live situation. Here too its a live recording, made in the Electronic Church in Berlin. Chessex technique is circular breathing so that he can make sustained tones that make small drones. When he and the Naiv Super team went into the church it was stone cold and it took him an hour to warm up the saxophone, but the recording session was too cold, so everyone caught a cold. However what was recorded sounded great and that is what we find on this tape. Five pieces of nice deep drone like saxophone sounds, which keep on evolving. Although no doubt one instrument is heard at a time it sounds like more. Chessex moves around, slightly thus cleverly using the space he's in to alter the sound. Move around your own space for more alterations. This is a great work, strong music with a conceptual edge. Should be good to see this live one day. (Frans de Waard)

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