artist: Christophe Bailleau
titel: La Lude / La Sonde
cover art: Claudio Pfeifer
format: CDR
general: naivsuper NASU 008
music by Christophe Bailleau and friends
recorded in 2006
released by naivsuper
p + c 2006 naivsuper & Christophe Bailleau
all rights reserved

1. Temper lem 3:50 // 2. Pimprenelle 2:25 // 3. Martien et la sonde 2:57 // 4. One snail, two talkie walkies 1:09 // 5. An apple for David 2:18 // 6. Villers-le-Temple 2:36 // 7. Mademoiselle Bulle 4:50 // 8. Apres la pluie vient le beau temps* 3:58 // 9. One snail, two talkie walkies - Stephane Leonard Remix 6:16
full-length: 30:10 min

Christophe Bailleau: piano, sounds, field recordings // Assacre: mouth sounds on track 1 // Mark Templeton: guitar on track 2 // Un escargot vide?: sounds on track 3 and 4 // David Cooper: guitar on track 5 // Le coin beaute: cosmetic sounds on track 6 // Stephane Leonard: remix... and more // * track 8 is a collaboration between Stephane Leonard and Christophe Bailleau

Thanks to Transcultures.

La Lude / La Sonde was composed for the performance īLa Sondeī by Christophe Bailleau and Martine Viale. The performance was held at the city sonics festival 2006 (Mons, Belgium) and at Le festival d'avignon from July 10th to 20th 2006.

Martine Viale lives and works in Montreal, Canada. His work is mainly inspired by traditional Butoh dance. Mixed with his very own style his shows are a new and fresh vision in contemporary dance.
Each performance is a unique improvisation, since the body perceives itīs surrounding differently every time.



Atmospheric electro-acoustic composition weaving a series of three-dimensional animated textures of a strong capacity of tactile evocation, exploring the flexibility of continuous fabrics that evolve, unfold and eventually become backcloths, or creating a space for acoustic guitar (at the front) - eventually surrounded by the tubular surface of a continuously moving cloth. The theatrical underlines its function as a movement-based expressive support, truly exploiting the possibilities of sound weaving. The cloth is not finished, but rather presents a work in progress character, the various threads waiting to be sewn onto the edges. Again, the inclusion of the guitar establishes a certain bridge with the bodily, allowing to establishment a central character that contributes to break away from the sedate mood of the familiar. (7/2007)

Vital Weekly #575

In Vital Weekly 67 he was already present with his Glyth project, later turning into La Chiesa and later on under his own name. His experience in many different music styles pays off here. The music on 'La Lude/La Sonde' was composed for a performance by Martine Vale. Bailleau is a man who likes acoustic sounds - they dominate this release, certainly in the first half. It's mainly guitar but also concrete sounds and everything that happens in terms of digital processing happens in the background. The second half is more a trip into ambient glitch land, but here too Bailleau has a much stronger voice of his own than Dania Shapes. Combining real instruments and digital processing thereof is of course not something new, but Bailleau does a really great job at it. Not the most original one - that is perhaps an illusion - but nevertheless a great job. (Frans de Waard)

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