is a collaboration between Maximilian Marcoll and Hannes Seidl. They started working together in Essen, Germany in 2002.
Since 2003 several live concerts were added to the studio work as well as collaborations with other musicians (e.g. Theo Nabicht, Erin Gee, Denovaire). dis.playce played live at the Klangwerkstatt Berlin, at Diskurs '04, in the IEM Graz and the ICEM in Essen.
For live concerts dis.playce develops sound structures, formal parts etc. out of improvisations which are then transcribed into a score. The details are then improvised on this basis. On stage dis.playce uses two laptops with a software environment called COOPER developed by Maximilian Marcoll. They also use building parts of standard electro-technical equipment like small coils, piezos or alarm signals, serving as external sources.

Maximilian Marcoll (born in 1981) studied drums and composition in Lübeck / Germany. From 2001 to 2007 he lived in Essen and studied composition at the Folkwang University. He won several prices and played numerous concerts as a composer, laptop performer, conducter and percussionist.
In 2007 Marcoll moved to Berlin working as a composer and teacher for max/msp and composition.

Hannes Seidl (born in 1977) studied composition in Essen and Graz. He collaborated with internationally well known ensembles and won several prices and scholarships. He lives as a freelance composer in Frankfurt am Main / Germany.

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